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AoS 2017 port chaplain directory
2017 directory lists details of chaplains in 261 ports and 65 countries
Fr Colum Lent podcasts
Fr Colum reflects on the weekly Lent Gospels
AoS Development Officer Euan McArthur with pupils of St Patrick's Primary School Kilsyth
AoS gives talk at Kilsyth school as part of Catholic Education Week
Mary and Mike Reeve are AoS supporters who are featured in a new publicity campaign for Your Catholic Legacy
AoS 'spends the money where it is needed'
Fr Colum Kelly is port chaplain for Apostleship of the Sea
Fr Colum Kelly reflects on why gentleness is vital in AoS' work
AoS supported the crew of the Sea Emperor which was held in Fawley
AoS port chaplain supports crew at Fawley