Resources for Parishes

Each year we produce a set of resources for parishes to help them understand and celebrate Sea Sunday. Each Parish in the UK will be sent a resource pack and we hope that they will use the resources to ensure that Sea Sunday is a success. The packs will be sent out to Parishes towards the end of June.

If you would like to download digital versions of this year’s Sea Sunday resources then follow the relevant links below. These will download as pdf files for you to use as you see fit. If you think you have not received this year's pack then please email Salvina or telephone on 020 70128602 and she can organise for a pack to be sent to you. 
Our Sea Sunday 2017 resources are now ready to download. Just click on the links below to download your copy. 

* Sea Sunday 2017 Resource Book

* Sea Sunday 2017 Advertising Poster (A4 size)

* Sea Sunday 2017 Editorial Insertion for Parish Newsletter

* Sea Sunday 2017 Childrens' Liturgy Colouring Picture

* Sea Sunday 2017 Vatican Message 

* Taking the Parish to the Ships - Sea Sunday Audio with Bishop Paul Mason 

* Sea Sunday Pause for Throught by Fr Colum Kelly 

* Life At Sea: Seafarer Roy speaks about life at sea and what AoS' support means to him