AoS at International Maritime Human Rights conference

11th October 2016

              Our national director Martin Foley was a speaker at the first-ever International Maritime Human Rights Conference in London recently. Martin presented a paper titled "The role of seafarers’ welfare organisations – threats and opportunities".

              The three main threats identified by Martin are;
              1. Complacency.
              2. Decline of traditional welfare activities and income streams; and,
              3. Secularisation.
              While the three areas of opportunity to counterbalance the threats are;
              1. High levels of need in the maritime sector, 
              2. The decline of traditional activities which enables AoS to focus on holistic welfare provision; and, 
              3. Faith matters.

You can read the full text of his presentation here.

AoS National Director Martin Foley speaks at the International Maritime Human Rights Conference.
Martin at the conference. Photo courtesy International Maritime Human Rights Conference.